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Link Philippines International, Inc. is engaged in design concepts, management, sales, marketing & distribution of various products and services in the Philippines and abroad. It is comprised of leaders equipped with professional expertise on product development and marketing. Each has the tenacity for creating brilliant strategies to ensure success in business implementation and revenue generation. The company’s core members strive to exceed expectations and provide outstanding performance whenever and wherever possible. The team is dedicated to extending only the best service possible to all its partners and clients.

Link Philippines International, Inc. is committed to giving first and foremost, value and quality of service to each and all of its undertakings. Its success can be attributed to expertise honed by years of experience in Public Relations, Advertising, Product Design and Concepts, Sales and Marketing in addition to the long and strong relationships it has established with various industry players.

Through the concerted efforts of its pioneers, the company will be dynamic in paving way for more opportunities for it to succeed as it persists in its drive for excellence.

Our challenge: Aim to succeed when you associate your name with us

How can you be a part of our Success?

Offer the possibility to expose and establish your products and services at international and local levels through various advertising media. Your product teamed up with our own thru our unique kind of branding offer different possibilities to easily increase awareness of your brand in the market.

Link Philippines International, Inc. offers various communication possibilities for all types of organizations, agencies and institutions here and elsewhere.