Primarily LinkPhilippines has created its own telecommunications system aimed at providing the distant working Filipino with the opportunity to stay attuned and connected with his family back home and likewise with fellow Pinoys in 240 countries worldwide via free phone calls made thru affordable subscription to its network. It boasts and offers the use of its own brand of communications solutions. Its main focus is to reverse the current trend in the industry by providing affordability, reach, expanse, length of time and quality of service in international calls.


By assigning an internet telephone number to you and your call recipients, regular and video calls transverse thru the web (free zone) and bypass regular overseas telephone lines and access codes. Thus calls are practically free!

Call Kabayan aims to bring people together under one network to interconnect globally with each other paving way to complimentary and unlimited access to international calls.

The company has achieved great success in designing a ‘speak and hear so clear’ voice calls without requiring the use of high speed internet. Even dial-up ISPs guarantee you of only the clearest of overseas calls.
Join and register now into the network and interconnect now with your friends, family and business associates within Link Philippines’ network of 240 countries via Call Kabayan and enjoy the benefits of keeping abreast of news back home and anywhere else around the world.

Requirements: Call Kabayan ATA or IP phone or Mobile Phone
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V-Link offers other international phone users the same unlimited on-net calls as Call Kabayan. What are the advantages?


  • Unlimited call from V?Link mobile to another V?Link mobile worldwide (240 countries) for as low as USD12.00 per account.
  • Call 38 countries (off network) for as low US$.039 for per min
  • Web?based access for Call Monitoring
  • Save IDD call as much as 80%

Requirements: V-Link Wifi / GSM Phone unit
Subscribe to the network for $15 (see our online store for details)

Pure drinking water can be produced in your own home and/or office. No more trips to the store or carrying heavy jugs of water. No more relying on service from bottled drinking water companies. No more big, bulky bottles to store. No more heavy water bottles to change.

Air2Water uses technology (developed and patented by Worldwide Water, Inc.) that extracts pure drinking water from the air. The machine pulls air through an electrostatic filter, which removes 93% of all airborne particles. As the machine collects the water, it drops into a collection tray and immediately passes into an Ultraviolet (UV) light, where the water stays in contact with the UV for approximately 30 minutes, killing 99.9% of all germs and bacteria in the water. The water is then pumped through a sediment screen into the 24 volt water pump and back through two (2) solid carbon block 1 micron water filters, NSF 53 approved, which removes 99.9% of any volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) that may be in the water. The water then passes through a half-calcite, half-GAC mineral additive, where it is then pumped into a reservoir tank. The water is then recycled every hour through the UV and back into the reservoir tank. The water is then chilled or heated and dispensed to consumers.

Fresh, pure drinking water can made in your home or office without the traditional hassles of bottled water! Air2Water saves consumers up to 50% over current bottled water costs.

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Web Designs & IT Solutions

We offer web solution through our partnership with JMSPlanet Design and Creative IT Solution. Your requirements for your website need not be too costly. Through LinkPhilippines, designs and content can be custom made for you at a minimal price. Email us to help you assess your website requirements!