About Us

Experts created Link Philippines International, Inc. from a solid framework of fresh avant-garde and non-traditional ideas. It aims to be exceptional in its approach, it foresees to be the top brass in the industry. At present, it has established global affiliations thru its distributors’ network (GDN) assisting in sales and marketing.

Barely a month after it was established, LINK PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL, INC. gained immediate offers from both private and government organizations to implement projects. It has acquired solid support from various providers and at present continues to be affiliated with other marketing companies and agencies.

Link Philippines International, Inc. is under the stewardship of the President of T.E.A.M. ASIA, INC., the company that earned positive reviews in the country after it implemented its first project for the Games and Amusements Board of the Philippines, an agency under the Office of the President.

The event placed the Philippines as a world-class destination for international conventions and has earned for the company an award of recognition from GAB. Moreover, the company acquired the decision from the World Boxing Council (WBC) for the Philippines to host its annual international convention for 2007.
Link Philippines with its ambitious team of committed marketing professionals with extensive experience and links in the business is a success story to this day from day One.

Our Goal

LINK PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL, INC.’S progress will continue as we anticipate the future. For the next five years it is our intention to become a key player in the Global Region.

The Company fulfills efforts to enjoy great success in the coming years, aiming to serve the international market. It is LINK PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL, INC.’S firm belief that the very reputation of the Company is reliant upon the service that it provides to its clients. Thus, a comprehensive research and development on the elements of superior client care is tantamount to its success.