What is the Link Philippines E-business?

In our desire to help our distributors facilitate their business with ease and speed, we developed the LINKPHILIPPINES E-BUSINESS for our Global Distributors utilizing their own LinkPhilippines Website.

LinkPhilippines E-business or Electronic business is the extensive use of computers, communication technology, networking technology and computerized data to perform the business processes in handling our subscribers and management of the business. We use this system for Link Philippines International, Inc to deploy services for our suppliers, distributors, and subscribers in utilizing the Internet as backbone for our global business operations. The activities from our E-business range from using e-mail to communicate with customers, distributors, and suppliers, accepting orders on-line, processing payments, rendering customer service and technical support, distribution of e-flyers to promote our products and services and/or conduct business thru a LinkPhilippines web page promoting our company and our distributor’s full e-commerce retail site to the integration of procedures and processes using Internet based technology.

The transactional component of our LinkPhilippines E-business is e-commerce. E-commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of information, products and services via the Internet. We are generally involved in two types of e-commerce 1) B2C (Business to Consumer) in which businesses sell to consumers or 2) B2B (Business to Business) in which businesses sell their products or services to other businesses.

Our LinkPhilippines E-business has the potential to help distributors improve their business processes through accelerating and enhancing their network of sub-dealers, customer service; increasing sales by providing alternative sales and marketing channels; promoting our products, service, and company information; and, by giving easy access to subscribers to connect with their suppliers or dealers and to Link Philippines international, Inc as well.

Components of the LinkPhilippines E-business:
Our e-business has four components: The Online Brochure, Sales Site, Reloading Station, Integrated Site and the Involved Site.

The Online Brochure

This provides prospective customers with a profile of our organization, and its products and services available for sale. Benefits include increased exposure to potential customers and a positive brand image. The Online Brochure could be read on-line or files could be downloaded for printing.

Our online brochure is an effective way to advertise our products and service, reach extensively our customers thus deviate from high costs, limited hours of operation, and barriers to location.

Sales Site

Offers our products for sale and allow simple E-business transactions. The site incorporates a database and provides selection of items for sale. It is hosted on a secure server, thus Visa and MasterCard orders can be placed via phone or email for authorization and funds transferred through means of traditional deposits. Benefits include increased exposure of our products and service to potential customers, increased revenue, and increased customer access.

The Sales Site provides a convenient way for a small business to advertise and sell products online.

Integrated Site

This section of the LinkPhilippines Website for distributors offers on-line registration to the LinkPhilippines Network and manages the distributor’s database of subscribers. It reflects the current status of subs and customers, date of registration, monthly fees, date of termination of service, and activity of service, meaning whether or not a subscriber has resumed its subscription to the service on the succeeding months following initial date of subscription. It helps save time in the processing of applications and registration to the LinkPhilippines Network. This gives benefit by having a clear view of the number of subscribers or sub-dealers a distributor has.

Involved Site

This component of the LinkPhilippines Distributor’s website manages customer care and technical support to facilitate subscribers’ concerns. It is connected to the LinkPhilippines Technical Assistance on-line that renders 24/7 real time service. This provisions a log-in site for customers in accessing support and customer care services.

Our LinkPhilippines E-Business website was designed and developed by JMSPlanet, a leading developer of web based applications and partner of Link Philippines International, Inc.

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