Link Philippines offers to manage product distribution by exploring its full potential through keen evaluation, development and sales monitoring. Product Marketing team and Distributors learn to gain each other’s trust and confidence and work as a team that is focused to succeed.
Our commitment is to optimize the income and exposure opportunities of every product by way of:


  1. Exploring to achieve the product’s full sales potential
  2. Developing its commercial opportunities both locally and internationally.

Our Marketing Team specializes in:

  • Strategic product development, management and distribution
  • Advertising, Product Campaign and Promotions

You will benefit from:

  • Marketing consultancy and product management
  • Marketing, communications and promotional expertise
  • Preferred supplier to distributor relationships delivering excellent buying power and quality products
  • Precision in delivering sales expectations
  • Professional product design, campaign, distribution and sales management
  • Distributorship Services
  • Develop a targeted sales strategy to identify potential customers
  • Produce supporting product literature, selling publications and materials
  • Action sales and marketing to sponsors
  • Build relationships and deliver benefits
  • Manage on-site delivery of distributors’ expectations and entitlements
  • Deliver post sales evaluation reports


Sales & Marketing

  • Develop a targeted sales strategy to identify potential distributors
  • Design and production of printed materials including sales and marketing collateral
  • Development and management of sales leads database
  • Maximize advertising channels