Air2Water machines offer a patented solution that provides us an alternative source for water, which is Air. The technology is a global first, and only produces 99.9% pure drinking water through double filtration, one of which is Ultra-filtration using ultra violet lights.

Air2Water machines products will not only afford the Filipinos with an alternative source for drinking water but likewise allow consumers to produce pure drinking water right in their homes, offices and business establishments. No more trips to the store or carrying heavy jugs of water. No more relying on service from bottled drinking water companies. No more big, bulky bottles to store. No more heavy water bottles to change. We are providing the world’s first 99.9 % pure water from air in an entirely revolutionary way using modern technology at an affordable price. It is our company’s desire to not only improve the way we obtain our drinking water but also free us from our dependence on bottled water which may contain compounds hazardous to human health.

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