Overview: V-Link is a VoIP service which utilizes the internet.
Basically it provides unlimited calls with international coverage, provided calling and called parties are both subscribed to the network and have access to the internet, subscription is only 12 dollars monthly, coverage is 240 countries.

Where VoIP only uses computers to access free calls, V-link utilizes either a Wifi GSM Phone or an Analog Telephone Adapter or ATA to make and receive calls.

This Wifi GSM phone is what we call the V-Link E-mobile, It is an open line dual mode phone. It can make calls via its internet phone component or thru its GSM component. The e-phone is about 270 dollar- cost to the subscriber.

The ATA on the other hand is a small device which can be plugged to a regular phone connected to a LAN or internet wire-in cable. This is for those subscribers who want to save cost on the hardware used to access the service. The ATA is priced at USD$ 85 dollars, price to the subscriber.

Now V-link has developed a service platform for US subscribers who would want to enjoy charge-free calls, both calls made and received. V-Link added a US telephone number and has two monthly plans. Plan A is USD$49.95, it can make and receive unlimited calls from the US, Canada. Plan B is 59.95 which allow free and unlimited calls to other countries outside the first 30 frequently called countries aside from US and Canada.

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